Air Manufacturing Corporation custom builds every a/c kit we sell.

Air Manufacturing Corporation (AMC) specializes in add on a/c kits for most any vehicle with 12 volts.  All the systems we sell are designed and manufactured by us in Graham, Texas.  We offer three types of kits; the first type is a universal underdash add on system that will bolt into the vehicle without any modifications to the vehicle.  This system works independently from the existing heater and comes in cool, heat/cool, and heat/cool with defrost option on some models.
The second type is a indash a/c, heat, and defrost system that can be adapted to almost any vehicle without any major modifications.  We build each system in house with the customer  and the vehicle in mind.  These systems require the removal of the original heater box.  The indash evaporator box mounts on the inside of the vehicle, mounted on the firewall behind the glove box.  These systems allow for the controls and vents to be mounted under the dash or in the dash. Indash units can also be used with the original controls on some models.
The third type is a trunk or under the seat system. This is available in cool only or a heat cool system. Controls can be installed in the dash, in a console, or under the dash for easy access. Trunk system can work independently or in conjunction with a front system.
As a manufacturer we are always ready to design and build new kits for vehicles.  If you would like information about designing a system for a particular application please feel free to call us.  We have manufactured many different setups for customers including, Semi trucks, motorhomes, and agriculture and off road applications. If it has wheel, is 12 volt, and does not leave the ground we build a system for your needs. Systems are available as well for right hand drive vehicles.
AMC a/c systems are made for simply installation and do not require the vehicle to be altered.  Our universal kits work great in most any vehicle with 12 volts. If you have a vehicle that you would like to install a  system and you are not for sure which  system best fits your needs just contact us and we will be happy to put together the best package for our needs.
If your needs call for partial systems we can build kits to integrate with existing parts. We also carry a full line of Original Equipment a/c and heater parts which can complete any of your a/c projects. All our kits and parts are designed to work with all approved refrigerants including R12 and R134a.
If you have a vehicle with factory air and the expense of fixing the air is more than can be afforded we can usually have a underdash system for your vehicle for less than $1000.00.

J.W. Paschal has been in the AC manufacturing and parts distribution industry since 1978. Growing up in the industry with his father A.J. “Buddy” Paschal one of the original pioneers of the A/C industry from the 1950’s.

1960’s, and 1970’s  J.W. literally has refrigerant flowing through his veins. As a manufacturer of systems and supplier of parts worldwide for over 30 years J.W. brings a world of knowledge for your needs. With his wife Jill and there four children C.J., Stephen, Nathan, and Meagan Air Manufacturing Corporation is a family owned and operated business that likes to talk to the customer. Our goal is to treat all customers as if they were family.


Air Manufacturing Corporation
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