Add on AC with heater and blower Inside pacakge

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24.00 LBS

EASY TO INSTALL! - A C, Heat, Blower, & Defrost Unit attaches to firewall. Measuring 12" wide x 11" high x 8.5" deep using original heater mounting holes. This allows for fit in most vehicles. Fittings come either out the back to go direct through the firewall or to the side and can go through the firewall with an optional bulkhead fitting. Compact design retains cowl vent and a majority in not all of the glove box.

Custom louvers, blower switch and thermostat mount and the dash. Cables for Defrost & Heater functions can be mounted in unused choke & throttle holes or under dash.


Inside Package Includes:
Heat Cool & Defrost Unit
Louvers & switching 
2 side louvers

1 center vent

Cables for Defrost & Heater Valve
Manual & Cable operated heater valves
Duct Hose
Wire Harness
Mounting Bracket
Firewall Grommet
Hardware Kit

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