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Vehicular Air – North Texas and the Paschal Name

Automotive air conditioning was developed in the Fort Worth/Dallas, Texas area making this area the capital of Air-Conditioning from the 1950’s thru the 1980’s. In the 1950’s the population growth in the South had begun. Automobiles were quickly becoming the main form of transportation. Comfort was becoming a necessity. The automobile manufacturers worked tirelessly on improving their designs. They developed better engines, suspensions and other major portions of the vehicle; however, air-conditioning was not a priority. Due to this lack of priority on the A/C side there were several individuals who began experimenting with add-on air conditioning systems. Texas is just not a state that you really would have wanted to travel in the heat.

Buddy Paschal

One of the Pioneers’ of the Air Conditioning System was A.J. “Buddy” Paschal. Buddy, as he was known, came to Texas in the 50’s. He opened a glass replacement business, Shatterproof Glass. His company dealt with mirrors and windshields for automobiles. Being the innovator that Buddy was he saw the need for the air conditioning systems for cars. He stamped out his first system on a table and it was made from metal. He then realized that he needed to develop a system to mass produce these units. By 1960 Alamo Manufacturing Corporation “AMC” was formed and located in Fort Worth, Texas. As Alamo increased in sells Buddy began to do less glass and more air-conditioning. During the late 60’s and early 70’s AMC became one of the top producers of systems worldwide. 

J.W. Paschal

Growing up in this era, I (J.W. Paschal) received my first introduction to the Aftermarket air-conditioning industry. I was 6 years old and would go to work with my dad, Buddy. He would take me to the warehouse and I would sit on the production tables handing parts and tools to the workers. I would at times set on the fenders of 1960 vehicles and watch as they would install the aftermarket systems. By the time I reached 9 years of age I installed my first unit in a Chevrolet Impala with the compressor mounted on the passenger’s side. I looked forward to the summers and being able to go to the plant and do what I enjoyed. By 15 I started drawing a paycheck and enjoying every moment of my job. I started attending classes at Texas Christian University at the age of 15 taking business courses. By the age of 18 I was working full time at a company called Metrotex Systems. We produced automotive a/c systems and parts.


1980 was the year that I started Air Manufacturing Corporation “AIR” in my garage on the Southwest side of Fort Worth, Texas. Increased in size by August of 1980 into a 300 square foot building producing Toyota Pickup and Celica Systems for a port of entry customer in Panama and established a parts distribution business of aftermarket systems and parts. During this season of the a/c industry the manufacturer’s where more interested in producing complete units verses selling replacement parts for the systems.

AIR focused on the distribution aspect of the replacement parts. A great opportunity had opened up for my small business. As the business grew A.J. “Buddy” Paschal and my younger brother, Roger Paschal joined AIR. Buddy developed the A/C training classes that we offered by traveling from state to state. He would set-up Bar-B- Que’s to follow the classes which AIR’s customers sponsored and intern would invite their customer’s to attend, increasing AIR’s sells base. He would distribute all AIR’s sells catalogs to the customer base. With Buddy covering this aspect of AIR I was able to turn my attention to domestic and international sells. AIR grew to be one of the top leaders in the parts distribution industry very quickly. By 1990 the industry was taking a different direction and I could see what the future held. I sold my interest in AIR and opened Air Manufacturing Corporation “AMC”. 


AMC was started in 1993 on the concept that the marketplace was no longer in need of large production companies for air conditioning systems from the US. The Chinese marketplace had infiltrated our industry. I chose not to be a Chinese parts distributor. With my experience I could take AMC to the next level and offer quality American made products for vehicles. I could see that customer service was needed in the air-conditioning industry and I could help with personalized care for our customers when needed. I also saw that producing catalogs was quickly becoming obsolete and that the internet highway was the new. I began developing our online catalog and store with the help of my staff and my wife, Jill Paschal. AMC now sells through the internet worldwide. 

Some of my favorite vehicles that I have helped my customers with over the past 10 years have been the Datsun Z Cars, 72 VW Pickup with a LS motor, 55 Buick sold directly into Cuba, and 57 Edsel with a Ford engine from the oil fields that was one of only 1800 ever used on vehicles. I love the air-conditioning industry and would like to help you with your product needs. My staff and I are available generally around the clock. We will try to answer your questions within a short window of time. 

We take pride in making sure your system is correct before it leaves our shop! Make sure to e-mail or call us toll free at 1-877-542-8192 to discuss your auto air needs before ordering some “one-size-fits-all” system online and take advantage of our over 35 years experience in the Auto AC Business.