UN700HC Add On A C with heat Evaporator Assembly with vents and controls

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24.00 LBS
Add on under the dash mounted A C Air Conditioning with heat evaporator assembly. This is our most popular evaporator that can be mounted anywhere space allows. System comes with blower, evaporator, expansion valve, switch, thermostat, wiring, brackets, and instructions. This system runs on 12 volts and measures 16" LONG X 5.5" HIGH X 11.5" DEEP. Evaporator is a aluminum tube and fin with and is 16 pass. This gives this unit 260 CFM with a 15000 BTU rating. With just two wires one for power the other to connect to the compressor makes for easy installation. 
 For use with R134a or R12 can either be added to existing a/c vehicles or with the purchase of under the hood packages can a/c non air conditioned vehicles.